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See How Our Students Are Using Simple, Scalable Online Workshops To Sell Out Their Coaching & Consulting Programs and Double Their Income

Without more one-on-one sales calls, building a big team, doing energy-draining launches, or spending money on ads

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Most coaches and consultants are still doing things the "old way."
Here's the truth:
Selling one-to-one
Selling to and working with clients one-on-one places a cap on both your time and your ability to fulfill clients’ needs. For every hour you spend on sales calls or working with your clients IN your business, you eliminate time that could be spent ON growing your business. There’s no room to SCALE when you're stuck selling one-on-one.
Make-or-break “launch” cycles
Whether it’s once, twice, or 12 times a year, you’re launching a new product or service or constantly releasing the same thing. But “launching” as a strategy requires INTENSE energy and effort, lacks consistency, and relies on the hope that your marketing efforts will pay off. The sales you generate from launching are left up to the will of your buyers and largely outside of your control.
Doing a webinar
When was the last time you got a ton of value out of a webinar and recommended it to someone else? Go ahead, we’ll wait. The majority of webinars are 50% fluff and 50% hard sales pitches that attract more opportunity-seekers than action-takers… not the type of clients likely to get results or continue investing with you.

When was the last time you got a ton of value out of a webinar and recommended it to someone else? Go ahead, we’ll wait. The majority of webinars are 50% fluff and 50% hard sales pitches that attract more opportunity-seekers than action-takers… not the type of clients likely to get results or continue investing with you.
Selling courses or
monthly memberships
Most people make the mistake of spending dozens (if not hundreds) of hours creating their courses, filming modules, or prepping for a big launch BEFORE they’ve even validated their ideas. And if they do make sales, the reality is that the average course completion rate is about 2%, and the retention rate for monthly memberships is only 4 months. Not to mention, you either need a massive list to sell these things organically or a huge ad budget to crack multiple 6 or 7 figures.
But you’re looking for MORE sales, clients, impact, time, and freedom...

Without spending all your time marketing or selling and using outdated methods.
You started your business for the lifestyle it affords… NOT to become a slave to it.
You need LEVERAGE. You crave FREEDOM.
- Filippo -
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Coach who went from selling a $47 membership program to a $3,997 program and increased his sales by 100x using the One-To-Many Method.
The One-To-Many Workshop is for YOU if:
You’re currently running a coaching or consulting business and you're ready to start getting flooded with more amazing dream clients...

You LOVE the idea of doubling your revenue, but the thought of doing MORE sales calls, investing in paid advertising, hiring a salesperson, or putting MORE time into growing your business is paralyzing...

You’ve already done A LOT to reach the level you’re at, and you’re wearing all the hats in your business, but you find yourself spread too thin...

You’ve got an offer that your clients love—and changes their lives! Now, you’re looking for a way to predictably and consistently sell it at scale…
And do it WITHOUT working longer hours, reinventing your marketing, selling harder, or adding more to your already full plate.

That’s where One-To-Many online workshops come in.

You provide your audience with results in advance through a SIMPLE (yet EPIC) virtual experience—one that demonstrates your credibility, authority, and expertise.

Then, you authentically and ethically present your offer with an invitational approach to continue working with you in order to reach their desired outcome. 

The One-To-Many Online Workshop Framework

Step 1

Design an online workshop with a clear promise that helps your audience solve ONE problem or gives them a sample of how your expertise will help them reach their goals.

Step 2

Create an epic experience that goes beyond information and offers a transformational outcome by giving them a quick win or result in advance.

Step 3

Make a simple offer to continue building on the results your workshop provided with a simple invitation to join your signature group program.

When you pick the RIGHT TOPIC that’s specifically geared toward helping your ideal clients solve their problems and reach their goals, the experience of your workshop sells itself—even for “cold” prospects that don’t know who you are.

- Charlotte -

A sales coach and hypnotherapy coach. Had her first 6-figure MONTH. Doing over $150,000 in a single month using the One-To-Many Method + The Backend Model.
 THIS SYSTEM WORKS even if you don’t have a big list, ad budget, or anything more than a webcam as your “studio.”

(in fact, it's much SIMPLER than you might think)

So if you’re getting great results for your clients (and want to work with more of them) and are ready to grow MUCH FASTER and with more predictability—WITHOUT feeling like you’re working more…

One-to-many online workshops are the
BEST WAY to start selling at scale.

In this LIVE workshop, you’ll learn a proven system that—when implemented correctly—can generate MASSIVE sales and effortless enrollment for your group coaching or consulting program.

- Tracy -

Helps clinics and therapists become known as speciality clinics in their local area. She had 23 people sign up for her event and sold 5 new clients with $25,000 cash collected.

Here’s Just Some Of What We’re Going To Cover On The LIVE One-To-Many Workshop:

The MVE Method 

(Minimum Viable Event)

  • A simple, proven process for designing simple online events that take the most qualified members of your audience from “cold to sold.”
  • How to position yourself, your workshop topic, and your offer as a must-have for the “lurkers” in your audience.
  • My proven formula for coming up with a unique promise for your events and workshops that gets your prospects lining up to attend, engage, and buy.
  • The biggest mistakes coaches and consultants make when designing and promoting their first workshop (and how to avoid them).
  • How to create an epic event experience that builds connection, trust, credibility, and authority, and ensures your audience gets REAL value from your content.

Million Dollar Event Framework 

  • What my most successful clients are doing to make the leap from $20k to $50-$100k+ from a single event and rinse and repeat the process as they scale to seven figures.
  • My 4-part Million Dollar Event Framework to predictably create a six-figure or seven-figure event in 45 minutes or less on top of the revenue your business is already generating.
  • The presentation structure we use to make sure our content is engaging, actionable, results-oriented, and tailored toward the people most likely to become paying clients (and do it without a bunch of boring “how-to” information).
  • How we’ve consistently sold out our signature group offer with 20+ new students from simple workshops ranging from three hours to two days (and how to decide which format is right for you).

In short:

You’ll walk away from this workshop with everything you need to host your first (or next) online workshop and fill your coaching program with premium buyers.

Whether your workshop is for 10, 100, or 1,000+, this immersive and interactive workshop is designed to help you create your own “one-to-many” client-generating sales machine so you can get your offer in front of more people in less time, attract more premium clients, and create true leverage and freedom in your business.

Prepare yourself! This might be one of the most valuable workshops you’ll ever attend!
(Seriously, we’ve been told this should cost thousands.)
Hi, I’m Jesse Eker. In 2019, I stepped away from running a multi-seven-figure company that I grew from zero to over four million in our first two years so I could spend more time with my growing family. And that meant I had to start my own brand from scratch.

I decided to take advantage of the pivot that the 2020 pandemic had forced on the live event industry and started designing and running high-impact, high-converting online events. I was able to reach $1 million in sales in those first 12 months through a series of just four events.
These “events” weren’t typical. They were entirely virtual and focused on immediate, actionable implementation. And I used them as an all-in-one marketing and sales mechanism to convert the attendees from these events into premium clients for my signature backend coaching programs.

In the past year, I’ve used the One-To-Many Method to host 11 online events and workshops and enroll hundreds of students into my group coaching program. These students are now replicating the process in their own coaching and consulting businesses to double, triple, even 5x their monthly revenue while working a fraction of the time.

What I love most about online events and workshops is their ability to simultaneously increase your authority, grow your audience, make a huge impact, and scale your coaching or consulting business without spending more time in marketing or sales mode.

I started my business so I could live the lifestyle I want and experience the freedom that so many entrepreneurs crave but struggle to reach. Online workshops have given me that leverage, and I’m excited to show you the process.

This “One-To-Many” Client-Generating Sales System Can Help You Fill Up Your Programs With NEW Clients Every Month While Creating REAL Leverage And Freedom With Your Business

- Jason -

Teaches online fitness instructors to get 10 clients per month using online videos. 

Tap into the system that’s helping established coaches and consultants fill up their group programs with NEW clients every month WITHOUT working longer hours, selling harder, or adding more to their already full plates.

Listen, this is NOT a magic bullet strategy, and you are NOT going to “get rich quick” within days of hosting your first online workshop…

But you’ve been successfully growing your business long enough to know that.

But here’s what you might NOT know:

In 2021 alone, online events became a BOOMING $95 billion industry (that’s billion with a “b”). The industry is expected to keep growing to over $500 billion in the next seven years. (CRAZY!)

That means RIGHT NOW is the best time to carve out your slice of that pie and take a huge leap in the growth of your business.

And you don’t have to be an industry icon or guru to tap into this way of marketing and selling your coaching and consulting programs online.

It’s time for the lesser-known experts to rise up as go-to authorities in their markets in a way that creates deeper connections, expands their audiences, makes a widespread impact, and generates sales.

- Sarah -

A professional animal communicator. She was able to raise her prices by £1,000 and did £32,000 within two events.
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